How to Grow Old” (Huizache, 2016)

Excerpt from “Schutzwall” (In Your Ear: Select­ed Writ­ings from Oak­land Word, 2010)


My First Zit ” (Mujeres de Maiz, 2015)

Interviews and Profiles

We Were Angry and Want­ed an Out­let: Hijas de la Paz” (make/shift, 2017)

Love on the Front Lines: A Round­table with Co-Edi­tors of Rev­o­lu­tion­ary Moth­er­ing” (make/shift, 2016)

Deer, Unleashed: An Inter­view with Bam­by Sal­cedo” (make/shift, 2015)

Girls Step­ping into Their Pow­er: An Inter­view with the Co-Founder of Rad­i­cal Mon­archs” (make/shift, 2015)

Activists Con­vene in Bali for Inter­na­tion­al Sum­mit on Women and Cli­mate” (make/shift, 2014)

Reviews and Guides

No Wheels, No Prob­lem: How to Expe­ri­ence Los Ange­les With­out a Car” (Trav­el guide, OnSheGoes.com, 2017)

Review of Bodymap and Dirty Riv­er, by Leah Lak­sh­mi Piepz­na-Sama­ras­in­ha (make/shift, 2016)

Review of Don’t Tell Any­one (No le digas a nadie), dir. by Mikaela Shw­er (Bitch, 2016)

Review of Com­pañeras: Zap­atista Women’s Sto­ries, by Hilary Klein (make/shift, 2015)


Las Ami­gas.” Short play by Andrea Gutier­rez, Dir. Maria G. Martínez (Chi­canas, Cholas, y Chisme; CASA 0101 The­ater; Los Ange­les, 2014)


Reader’s guide for Inlan­dia: A Lit­er­ary Jour­ney through California’s Inland Empire (Inlan­dia Insti­tute, 2011)