🎧 Audio Reporting & Hosting

You Asked for Shots, Tuna, Met­al and Mon­ey // Plan­et Mon­ey, NPR, 2021

The Latin Explo­sion of 1999 // It’s Been a Minute, NPR, 2021

Lega­cies of the Chi­cano Mora­to­ri­um // It’s Been a Minute, NPR, 2020

Mayes Rubeo, “Jojo Rab­bit” Cos­tume Design­er // The Frame, KPCC, 2020

Dori­an Wood Remem­bers Chavela Var­gas // The Frame, KPCC, 2019

Train­ing Future Jour­nal­ists with a Focus on Diver­si­fy­ing the Indus­try // ONA on Air, 2019

Var­iedades: Lit­tle Cen­tral Amer­i­ca, 1984 // The Frame, KPCC, 2019

Tues­day Night Cafe // The Frame, KPCC, 2019

Home­bod­ies // 24-Hour Radio Race from KCR­W’s IPP, 2019

At Home: Marisol Guer­ra // The Cal­i­for­nia Sun­day Mag­a­zine, 2018

Bod­ies in Death // 24-Hour Radio Race from KCR­W’s IPP, 2018

The Acci­den­tal Librar­i­an // West Texas Talk, Mar­fa Pub­lic Radio, 2018

📰 Print + 📱 Digital

Review of Hood Criatu­ra, by fei her­nan­dez // NPR, 2020

Review of An Incom­plete List of Names, by Michael Tor­res // NPR, 2020

Mex­i­can Actress Kate Del Castil­lo Final­ly Feels Safe Going Home After Her 3‑Year Exile In LA // LAist, 2019

LA’s Old­est Muse­um Is for Sale // LAist, 2019

+ Archive of my work on LAist

We Were Angry and Want­ed an Out­let: Hijas de la Paz // make/shift, 2017

No Wheels, No Prob­lem: How to Expe­ri­ence Los Ange­les With­out a Car //, 2017

How to Grow Old // Huizache, 2016

Review of Don’t Tell Any­one (No le digas a nadie), dir. by Mikaela Shw­er // Bitch, 2016

Love on the Front Lines: A Round­table with Co-Edi­tors of Rev­o­lu­tion­ary Moth­er­ing // make/shift, 2016

Review of Bodymap and Dirty Riv­er, by Leah Lak­sh­mi Piepz­na-Sama­ras­in­ha // make/shift, 2016

Deer, Unleashed: An Inter­view with Bam­by Sal­cedo // make/shift, 2015

Review of Com­pañeras: Zap­atista Wom­en’s Sto­ries, by Hilary Klein // make/shift, 2015

Girls Step­ping into Their Pow­er: An Inter­view with the Co-Founder of Rad­i­cal Mon­archs // make/shift, 2015

Activists Con­vene in Bali for Inter­na­tion­al Sum­mit on Women and Cli­mate // make/shift, 2014

Read­er’s guide for Inlan­dia: A Lit­er­ary Jour­ney through Cal­i­for­ni­a’s Inland Empire // Inlan­dia Insti­tute, 2011

Excerpt from “Schutzwall” // In Your Ear: Select­ed Writ­ings from Oak­land Word, 2010

✒ Poetry + 🎭 Theater

My First Zit // Mujeres de Maiz, 2015

Las Ami­gas // Short play, Chi­canas, Cholas, y Chisme fes­ti­val; CASA 0101 The­ater; Los Ange­les, 2014