Every year, as the new year approaches, we get reflec­tive. Often, we come to one of two conclusions:

  1. This year that is end­ing was awesome.
  2. This year that is end­ing can suck it.

I was in the lat­ter camp this year. I am glad to see 2013 safely behind me. And yet, Decem­ber was won­der­ful. I forged new friend­ships. I broad­ened my com­mu­nity of writ­ers and artists. I com­mit­ted myself to new projects. I took charge. I can see now how I needed to get through all that chaff to arrive at some­thing poten­tially life-changing.

It’s almost com­i­cal how obsessed I became with this track by LCD Soundsys­tem in 2013. Songs have a way of enter­ing my life and my con­scious­ness at just the right time. “Home” is the last track on the final album by LCD Soundsys­tem before they broke up in 2010. It’s simul­ta­ne­ously an ode and a fuck-you to their career, an insight to the tolls that rig­or­ous tour­ing and fame took on them.

I could go on and on about what the song means, but I’d rather say what it means to me. It’s about return­ing to your­self, to what makes you whole, to what makes you happy. It’s about ground­ing your­self. It’s about being okay with this here, right now.

It’s about going Home.

I love you all. Happy new year.

The pop­u­lar­ity of Día de los Muer­tos seems to grow with each pass­ing year. I have only a faint rec­ol­lec­tion of the day from child­hood, per­haps of a few brown folks in my neigh­bor­hood cel­e­brat­ing it or maybe a pass­ing men­tion of the day at church. My fam­ily is Amer­i­can as they come, and my dad always thought it was a silly and mor­bid Mex­i­can cus­tom that we had no use for. But now it seems that every­one has jumped on the band­wagon, whether or not faith or an actual rev­er­ence for the muer­tos exists. Con­tinue read­ing


Día de los Muertos



It’s time to get this bloggy ball rolling again.

And what an aus­pi­cious time, too. Mer­cury is in ret­ro­grade, and I just went through the longest breakup known to humankind. Let’s just say it took an embar­rass­ingly long time to detach, to real­ize that though we loved each other, some shit was just never gonna work. I needed a part­ner who would sup­port and encour­age my pro­fes­sional and cre­ative ambi­tions. He didn’t have it in him to be that per­son. It’s 2013, and amaz­ingly, it still stings to know that my hav­ing both a vagina and great expec­ta­tions for myself still makes dudes run for the hills.

I’m not sure what this space will be this time around. I have a ten­dency to blog in fits and starts, which only got worse when I was in grad school for cre­ative writ­ing and ago­niz­ing over every word in my offline work. Per­haps I’ll write about writ­ing, about pho­tog­ra­phy, about travel, about press­ing reset and march­ing on, forg­ing ahead. I know that some kind of focus will make this a whole lot more worth­while, but eh, I’ll find my way.

I always do.