• At Home: Marisol Guerra

    Marisol Guerra is a farmworker from California. She lives in a motel in Washington state during apple season. I asked her about home.

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  • Matthieu A/Unsplash

    Tape Syncs

    I do tape syncs and sound gath­er­ing in the Los Ange­les area. Here’s some of my work. NPR Code Switch »Orig­i­nal­ly released Sep­tem­ber 12, 2018 I record­ed a tape sync with Dr. Gaye There­sa John­son in Ven­tu­ra, CA. Her inter­view comes at 33:48 in the episode. 

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  • Bodies in Death (24-Hour Radio Race)

    Produced by Andrea Gutierrez and Celine Teo-Blockey Edited and Mixed by Andrea Gutierrez » Report­ed, edit­ed, and mixed in Los Ange­les, CA on August 26–27, 2018 Celine and I formed Team Radio Full Stop for the 2018 24-Hour Radio Race from KCR­W’s Inde­pen­dent Pro­duc­er Project. Spe­cial thanks to Jill Schock of Death Doula LA (…

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  • The Accidental Librarian

    Produced, edited, and mixed by Andrea Gutierrez » Orig­i­nal­ly broad­cast on August 10, 2018, on West Texas Talk by Mar­fa Pub­lic Radio. Lety Navar­rete nev­er expect­ed to run a library. She was hired to help at first. But when the pre­vi­ous direc­tor left unex­pect­ed­ly, she had to take charge. This sto­ry was report­ed, edit­ed, and…

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  • The Day Hope Died: Remembering Robert Kennedy

    Reporting by Andrea Gutierrez Produced by Ashley Byrne (Made in Manchester Productions) » Orig­i­nal­ly aired May 26, 2018, on BBC World Service I report­ed this radio doc­u­men­tary at the RFK Com­mu­ni­ty Schools in Los Ange­les, CA, includ­ing inter­views and sound gath­er­ing. My work airs at 2:00–4:30.

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